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E-SYSTEMS TECHNO PVT LTD produce With a combination of software and hardware solutions, E-SYSTEMS TECHNO PVT LTD has become the foremost choice of global clients. Our off-shore and on-site teams ensure the quality outcome at every phase of product development. E-SYSTEMS TECHNO PVT LTD is intended to introduce innovative products which epitomize the best of next generation technologies. To reach the business intend and optimize the needs of our esteemed clients, we continue the designing and development of technically advanced products like ERP applications, Mobile apps, Web developments. E-SYSTEMS TECHNO PVT LTD is also bestowed with an advanced approach of hardware solutions and integration of various electronic systems.


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Software Related Products

  • website designing
  • e billing system

Switch Board Control



This is a small RF controlled module fixed in the switched board.

Normal standard module comes with four switch point controls. There are 2, 6 & 8 point control modules for specific requirements.

This unit is pre configured with unique RF ID number for remote control. Switch board Phase lines are connected through the relay contacts of this module. Supply to the lights or fans will be controlled through these relay contacts. These relays are operated with wireless control.

External manual switch operation will change the state of ON/Off. This change of state will be automatically updated in the remote control panel.



  • Control up to eight outputs
  • Optional Energy measurement
  • Control of multiple Units with single Controller.
  • Total 31,100 units in a single network
  • Manual control status update
  • Control range 100 meters Line Of Sight
  • Range can be extended by using repeater
  • High Gain Antennas for extendable ranges
  • Standard Tarang/ZigBee/T-Mesh Technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Industrial design
  • compatible to standard 4,6 & 8 module switch boards


  • compatible to standard 4,6 & 8 module switch boards
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +70 deg C
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +70 deg C
  • Dimensions: 100 X 55 X 22 mm


Fuel Management



Fuel monitoring system (FMS) is used to monitor the consumption of fuel by various vehicles particularly heavy vehicles under different operating conditions. Tracking the fuel consumption has never been easier before with many vehicles moving around with different loads and harsh moving conditions.

we developed FMS that meets all the monitoring needs. FMS can be used to monitor the fuel consumption of Tractors, Tippers, Trucks, Container Carriers etc., or any other heavy vehicles. The application areas can be Agricultural, R & B, Construction, Mining, Automobile, Defense, Irrigation and so on, where ever monitoring the fuel consumption of a fleet of vehicles is necessary.

FMS is a rugged device to continuously acquire & logs analog data such as Fuel Level, Location of Vehicle, Position of the Vehicle, Load of the Vehicle, and Activity of the Vehicle with respect to time. FMS transmits the acquired data trough wireless communication to site office or to Central Control Unit for further processing.


  • Automatic acquisition of fuel & vehicle data
  • Remote data collection
  • Implemented for a wide range of vehicles.
  • Real time fuel level measurement irrespective of vehicle parking, usage, inclination position
  • Fuel consumption rate depending on usage of the vehicle - with load & with out load
  • Fuel theft detection by checking sudden changes in fuel level.
  • Automatic alerts incase of fuel low level on theft attempts
  • Real time GPS tracking and logging of Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed and Time
  • GSM and GPRS Quad band based technology
  • Rugged RF identification tags for harsh environments
  • 32 Bit Processor, up to 1 GB memory and Low power consumption.


  • Supply Voltage : 9–36 V DC, Automotive Surge up to 56V
  • Backup : 3.7 V Li-Ion
  • Memory : Up to 1 GB
  • Communication Method : RF (ZigBee/T-Mesh), GSM data,SMS " GPRS,RFIT
  • Enclosure : IP 68 Rugged Plastic Enclosure
  • Size : 200 X 120 X 75 mm
  • Operating temperature range : -40°C to +85°C
  • Outputs : 2 general purpose output pins (Open Collector) – upto 500 mA
  • Serial : RS 232 (Optional)





ERP Applications 

E-systems offers robust business applications to reach the needs of diversified global clients. As the products are driven by customer choice, these can be applicable in different segments such as Inventory management, Financials, Supply chain management and various other business managements. These applications are developed to realize down time, and cost throughout the business and also minimize the risk and maximize the benefits.


Mobile Apps

An upfront effort of E-systems is acclaimed for developing trending mobile apps with a blend of user-friendly options. We understand the world of small and medium size businesses. Keeping the view of  day to day growing market and needs of individuals, we configure different types of mobile apps on advanced technologies like android and above. Our expertise lies in developing web responsive apps with simple and smart navigations.


Web Products

We are proudly established ourselves in the stream of web products development on different technologies. Our developer team is well versed in providing CMS enabled web applications, E-commerce..etc. Clients can also avail with customized web products which are truly innovative in designing and development. Our creative designers add liveliness to your web pages and we turn your ideas into web techniques to bring highly defined graphic visuals.


Billing Products

These products are intuitive and help in improving strong relationship with customers. E-systems is committed to develop billing products meticulously based on in-depth analysis on market demands especially in customer relationship,. Executives are able to track customer’s history and placing order is also made easy by this products. Using this software application, you can analyze the sales growth of each department time to time.

We have our own R&D set-up to maximize the scope of product development which could enable our clients to accomplish their businesses process easily in current and future market.


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