1 Adaptive Rerouting to Avoid Local Congestion in MANETs
2 CRCMD&R: Cluster and Reputation based cooperative malicious node Detection & Removal scheme in MANETs
3 EPPN: Extended Prime Product Number based wormhole DETECTION scheme for MANETs
4 Lightweight authentication-based scheme for AODV in ad-hoc networks
5 Securing AOMDV protocol in mobile adhoc network with elliptic curve cryptography
6 A Secure and Efficient ID-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
7 E2HRC- An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
8 Lightweight and integrity-protecting oriented data aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks
9 Lightweight Three-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Internet-Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
10 Load-Balanced Opportunistic Routing for Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
11 Optimization of Watchdog Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
12 Traffic Decorrelation Techniques for Countering a Global Eavesdropper in WSNs
13 REPLACE: A Reliable Trust-Based Platoon Service Recommendation Scheme in VANET
14 Enhancing Security and Privacy for Identity-Based Batch Verification Scheme in VANETs
15 Distributed Aggregate Privacy-Preserving Authentication in VANETs
16 EAAP: Efficient Anonymous Authentication With Conditional Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
17 GDVAN: A New Greedy Behavior Attack Detection Algorithm for VANETs
18 MoZo: A Moving Zone Based Routing Protocol Using Pure V2V Communication in VANETs
  Heterogeneous Network:
19 Distributed Learning for Energy-Efficient Resource Management in Self-Organizing Heterogeneous Networks
20 Toward Cooperation by Carrier Aggregation in Heterogeneous Networks A Hierarchical Game Approach
21 Video Packet Scheduling with Stochastic QoS for Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks
  Cognitive radio network:
22 End-to-end Throughput Maximization for Underlay Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks with RF Energy Harvesting
23 Maximizing Spectral Efficiency for Energy Harvesting-Aware WBAN
24 Spectrum-Availability Based Routing for Cognitive Sensor Networks
25        Opportunistic Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee Networks
26 Performance Optimization of CSMA Networks with a Finite Retry Limit
27 CMCS: a cross-layer mobility-aware MAC protocol for cognitive radio sensor networks
28 Enhanced PSO Based Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and CQI Based MCS Selection in LTE-A Heterogeneous System
29 Autonomous-Vehicle Public Transportation System: Scheduling and Admission Control
30 Hybrid inter-cell interference management for ultra-dense heterogeneous network in 5G
31 Enabling Interference-Aware and Energy-Efficient Coexistence of Multiple Wireless Body Area Networks with Unknown Dynamics
32 On Queue Length and Link Buffer Size Estimation in 3G/4G Mobile Data Networks
33 4-Way Handshaking Protection for Wireless Mesh Network Security in Smart Grid
34 A Cross-Layer Backpressure Architecture for Wireless Multi-hop Networks
35 High-Throughput and Memory-Efficient Multi-match Packet Classification Based on Distributed and Pipelined Hash Tables
36 Context-Aware Energy Enhancements for Smart Mobile Devices
37 Analysis and Experimental Verification of Frequency-Based Interference Avoidance  Mechanisms in IEEE 802.15.4
38 ZiFi: Exploiting Cross-Technology Interference Signatures for Wireless LAN Discovery
39 Toward Energy Efficient Big Data Gatheringin Densely Distributed Sensor Networks
40 A Cross-Domain Recommendation Modelfor Cyber-Physical Systems
41 A Cross-Layer Backpressure Architecture for Wireless Multihop Networks
42 A Game-Theoretic Approach to Stable Routing in Max-Min Fair Networks
43 A Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile AdHoc Networks
44 A New Distributed Application and Network Layer Protocol for VoIP in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
45 A Robust Grouping Proof Protocol for RFID EPC C1G2 Tags
46 A Scalable and Modular Architecture for High-Performance Packet Classification
47 A Secure Payment Scheme with Low Communication and Processing Over head for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
48 Achieving Maximum Through put in Random Access Protocols with Multi-packet Reception
49 Adaptive and Secure Load-Balancing Routing Protocol for Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks
50 Efficient Data Collection for Large-Scale Mobile Monitoring Applications
51 Identification of Malicious Nodes in Peer-to-Peer Streaming: A Belief Propagation-Based Technique
52 Collusion-Resistance in Optimistic Fair Exchange
53 Cooperative Key Agreement for Wireless Networking: Key Rates and Practical Protocol Design
54 Cyber-Physical System Security With Deceptive Virtual Hosts for Industrial Control Networks
55 Data Dissemination in VANETs: A Scheduling Approach
56 DDoS Detection Method Based on Chaos Analysis of Network Traffic Entropy
57 Design of a Probability Density Function Targeting Energy-Efficient Node Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks
58 Designing Energy Routing Protocol WithPower Consumption Optimization in MANET
59 ReDS: A Framework for Reputation-Enhanced DHTs
60 Direction of Encounter (DoE): A Mobility-Based Location Method for Wireless Networks
61 Distributed Algorithms for Energy-Efficient Even Self-Deployment in Mobile Sensor Networks
62 Distributed caching in unstructured peer-to-peer file sharing networks
63 A Denial of Service Attack to UMTS Networks Using SIM-Less Devices
64 DOTS: A Propagation Delay-Aware Opportunistic MAC Protocol for Mobile Underwater Networks
65 A Dynamic Secret-Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication
66 EDAL: An Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime-Balancing Data Collection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
67 Efficient Authentication for Mobile and Pervasive Computing
68 Experimental Characterization and Modeling of RF Jamming Attacks on VANETs
69 OptiFel: A Convergent Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling
70 Hop-by-Hop Message Authentication and Source Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
71 A Novel and Lightweight System to Secure Wireless Medical Sensor Networks
72 Optimally Adaptive Power-Saving Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks Using the Hyper Quorum System
73 KNN Query Processing Methods in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
74 Leveraging Social Networks for P2P Content-Based File Sharing in Disconnected MANETs
75 Non-Interactive Key Establishment for Bundle Security Protocol of Space DTNs
76 Secured Handover Key Management Among LTE Entities Using Device Certification
77 On Optimal Cell Activation for Coverage Preservation in Green Cellular Networks
78 OptiFel: A Convergent Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling
79 Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs
80 Optimal Probabilistic Encryption for Secure Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
81 Power Allocation Strategies in Energy Harvesting Wireless Cooperative Networks
82 Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
83 PSR: A Lightweight Proactive Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
84 QoF: Towards Comprehensive Path Quality Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks
85 R3E: Reliable Reactive Routing Enhancement for Wireless Sensor Networks
86 High-Throughput and Memory-Efficient Multi match Packet Classification Based on Distributed and Pipelined Hash Tables
87 Real-Time Misbehavior Detection in IEEE 802.11- Based Wireless Networks: An Analytical Approach
88 Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
89 Secure kNN Query Processing in Untrusted Cloud Environments
90 Securing Wireless Sensor Networks from Denial-of-Service Attacks using Artificial Intelligence and the CLIPS Expert System Tool
91 Security Enhancements for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Trust Management Using Uncertain Reasoning
92 Sensor Deployment and Scheduling for Target Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
93 The K-hop Cooperative Video Streaming Protocol Using H.264/SVC Over the Hybrid Vehicular Networks
94 A Network Lifetime Enhancement Method for Sink Relocation and Its Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks
95 Smart Grid Mesh Network Security Using Dynamic Key Distribution With Merkle Tree 4-Way Handshaking
96 Sparse WiFi Deployment for Vehicular Internet Access With Bounded Interconnection Gap
97 Transmission-Efficient Clustering Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing
98 Toward the World Smallest Wireless Sensor Nodes With Ultralow Power Consumption
99 VSPN: VANET-Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Navigation
100 Neighbor Table Based Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee Wireless Networks
101 Maximizing Network Topology Lifetime using Mobile Node Rotation
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